Toyota 8 Series Battery Forklift Launching

On 23rd July 2011, UMW and TMHS jointly launched the all new localized Toyota 8 Series Battery forklift in Hangzhou Xiasha Economic and Technology Development Zone. The event enjoyed a successful turnout of more than 200 distinguished guests from Hangzhou, Shanghai, Jiaxing, Ningbo, Jinhua and Beilun. 

Mr Tetsuya Ueda, General Manager of Toyota said the launch was timely and reaffirmed the continued commitment in implementing innovative technology to the China market. Mr Chin Loi Lin, General Manager of UMW added, as part of our marketing and expansion plan, will continue to expand network year on year, to meet with the demand and growth of the volume for battery forklifts. The safety and reliable features, environmental protection efficiency of the all new Toyota 8 Series was highlighted by Mr Ni Liang Qing, Marketing Manager of UMW to the guests.

Many distinguished guests participated in the test drive are extremely satisfied with the design and performance. Dinner was hosted in Wenhui Hotel, Hangzhou.