Toyota Forklift Makes a Splendid Stage Pose on Transport Logistic China 2012

    Toyota Material Handling (Shanghai)(TMHS), with its brandnew production line, shows on Transport Logistic China 2012. Toyota grandly displays its main products this time, including Toyota new 8 series battery truck, Toyota Z series diesel truck, Toyota electric towing tractor 8TB50, BT power pallet truck Levio series and BT electric stacker Staxio series. Professional explanation of the sales points and excellent truck demo show attract many logistic equipment users, logistic professionals and media. During the 3-day exhibition, there are numerous visitors gathered at the reception, asking for product information. Some of the customers asked for proposal support on the site for truck model selection, warehouse material handling improvement, etc.

    The Toyota show at every integral point is a lightspot of the whole exhibition hall, which attracted many visitors and even exhibitors, thus, it collected great popularity. The 20-minute show starts from the history of Toyota, displays the most complete production line from Toyota, BT and Raymond. The show includes the brand new SAS-ε& height selector demonstration from Toyota new 8 series battery truck, demonstration of excellent maneuverability and operability of BT Levio series, demonstration of production line parts supply operation and distribution center delivery order picking operation by Toyota 8TB50, etc. The VCR showed on huge LED screen, the wonderful explanation from professional compere and the precise operation of demonstration staff, greatly showed the historical glory and present achievement of Toyota, which deeply impressed all the audience.

    In the media interview after the exhibition, Takanobu Watanabe, president of TMHS. stated that apart from letting more Chinese clients get to know our brands and new production lines, we also aim to convey our determination for Chinese market with the main slogan of the exhibition--"All Toyota do is to meet your logistic needs". As what we have done, Toyota will listen to the concerns of Chinese customers and spare no effort to perfect the system of R&D, manufacture,sales and aftersales for China market to meet the logistic needs of Chinese customers .