At UMW, safety is our number one priority. Most accidents involving materials handling equipment happen because of complacency, not only on the part of the driver but also by those working in the same area, and often as a result of cutting corners to save time. Ultimately it is the responsibility of the operator to ensure his own safety as well as that of his colleagues. Learn more about Toyota forklifts SAS, OPS and ORS safety features.


Pre-shift inspection
Insist on safety and best practices at all times. Conducting a proper five minutes pre-shift inspection is compulsory to avoid accident from happening and help save lives and unproductive cost.


Never drive with an elevated load
When you raise the load you raise the centre of gravity, upsetting the balance of the lift truck. Not surprising then that it tips when cornering.


Do not drive with an unstable load
A slight bump or turning movement will result in the load being thrown everywhere but where it was supposed to be.


Never travel with the load upwards
Loads are only stable on even ground but not so on slopes. It does not take much of a slope to unsettle a stack. Only go downhill with empty forks.


Be aware of trouble spots
There are likely to be many blind spots in the operating area, at the end of aisles, by stacks of product or simply round corners. Just as you cannot see, neither can your colleague or whether pedestrian or operating machinery, so proceed with caution.


Take extra care on loading docks
Frantic rush to load a trailer the repetition can easily make you oblivious to the fact that the lorry has inadvertently started to move away. By the time you react several tons of machine and product are flying through the air, along with yourself


Replace worn out tires on time
Tires play a major part in maintaining safety, machine performance and economy. Sufficient tire grip are needed to produce truck stability and operators
comfort. Worn out tires must be replaced immediately to avoid accidents.


Never carry passenger
Sudden moving or reaction will send your colleague sprawling, possibly into the very thing you were trying to avoid. Never should anyone be lifted up on the forks or a pallet to effect overhead repairs, one slip could be disastrous. Man-up cages with safety belt are available for this purpose.


Keep your limbs inside the truck
The safety cage is exactly that, anything sticking out has no protection at all. A slight distraction can be disastrous.

Annual truck inspection
Whether your trucks are owned or rented it is your responsibility to ensure trucks undergo annual thorough inspection by approved body. This is a statutory requirement in China.